Parent Testimonials

A huge thank you to you Ira, and all your staff! Joachim had so much fun. More than that, he came home a more mature and insightful person. It is priceless.
- Paeng and Trixie Madamba. Parents, Camp Jedi (12-14 Mini Camp)

Thank you very much for a once in a lifetime experience for my son Miggy Cosico. I sent him off as a 10-year old boy, who didn’t know what to expect from camp. He came back as an 11-year old little man who was filled with stories and his heart filled with new found friends and new titos and titas. I was worried at first, because this will be his first birthday away from family but CISV made it so special for him with more than 100 CISVers surprising him before breakfast. Thank you for making it extra special for him! He is now looking forward to summer camp! =) Congratulations to you and the rest of the team who handled the mini-camp! You guys did an awesome job!
- Mrs. Joan Cosico. Parent, Camp Roar (9-11 Mini Camp)

Our daughter Sabinni Sta Ana of Bacolod, happily told us of her wonderful camp roar experience. She’s thankful she gained many friends. We, her parents, are most grateful to all of you at cisv-QC, who made it all possible. Best regards.
- Mrs. and Mrs. Sta. Ana. Parents, Camp Roar (9-11 Mini Camp)

First of all, thank you for bearing with all my concerns and queries. Since my daughter was the first I sent off to Mini Camp, I was very anxious and paranoid. Your patience was very reassuring. I would also like to thank all the amazing staff and volunteers of Camp Boom for all their hard work! My daughter had the best time and can’t stop talking about it! From the yummy food prepared for them to all the fun activities, even talking about what she learned about human rights! It was such a wonderful experience for her that she wants to attend every camp from now on. I can’t wait for my 7 year old to attend when her time comes!
- Mrs. Carmina Ang. Parent, Camp Boom (9-11 Mini Camp)

Discovering CISV Mini Camp was the best thing I chanced upon early this year. And to think I was searching for a summer camp for the 16 year old daughter of a diver friend of mine! Not only did our Jose get into summer camp this year, so did my friend’s 16 year old, who joins Kapihan too! May the energy, and cheer, and inspiration behind CISV and its staffers and leaders continue on for many more mini camps to come.
- Mrs. Poteet Gimenez. Parent, Camp John Doe (12-14 Mini Camp)

THANK YOU so much for taking care of all my three children who were in Mini Camp (as repeat campers!). All of them enjoyed. But what I am happier about is with what the children take home with them— aside from the experience, fun and “adventure”, the new friends made, it is what they learn in terms of relationship with others (caring, showing more tolerance and learning how get along with others), responsibilities, and values they bring home. Most importantly, THANK YOU for doing what you are doing for the camp and for the children.
— Mrs. Wendy Jalbuena. Parent, Camp Boom (9-11 Mini Camp) and Camp John Doe (12-14 Mini Camp)

Our daughter Lianna just came back from Camp John Doe and we can tell that she really had an amazing time! This is her third Mini Camp participation and her enthusiasm and excitement grows more and more every year, with her always looking forward to the next one. Today is only the second day after the camp ended and she is already in a reunion with her fellow camp mates. We will not be surprised if there will be more get togethers after this. Once again, our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the CISV organizers and staff who made the camp experience of all the kids an “awesome” and memorable one. Please continue spreading your infectious CISV spirit. And may your tribe continue to grow exponentially!
- Mr. and Mrs. Louie and Chet Cabigas. Parents, Camp John Doe (12-14 Mini Camp)

I’d like to thank all of you who made the camp so enjoyable for our kids. My son had such a good time that he asked how many times a year he could go to Mini Camp! We’ve been hearing endless stories about the activities they did and of course have been listening to all the songs and chants they learned! We are looking forward to other activities you may have lined up for his age group so do keep us in the loop. Cheers!

Thank you so much for everything. My daughter had the time of her life and she cannot stop talking about camp. Please extend my thanks to all the staffers and councilors!

Good evening. Just so you know both my daughters had a wonderful time in camp…..and as usual, can’t stop talking about it. Thank you so much!

This is just to thank you and the rest of the staff for the successful event this past week. My daughter cannot stop talking about the events that took place during the last 5 days. Both my son and daughter look forward to keeping in touch with their new-found friends and seeing them again during the reunion. You guys are doing a great thing and we extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

Julio and Bianca had soooo much fun at Camp Uhaw. In fact, Bianca would cry every time she thought of camp. She says she misses it so much… :) thanks to all the JC and the parent volunteers!:)
— Mrs. Aquino. Parent, 9-11 Mini Camp

Thank YOU for taking care of our kids. My son came back energized with overflowing positive spirit (of course this was exhibited only after his hard-earned nap :) I know he had the time of his life because he almost immediately asked to join again! Again, thank you to all the organizers for welcoming my son to the camp and for facilitating another experience worth remembering. 
— Parent, 9-11 Mini Camp

Hello! Just wanted to tell you all that my son had the most amazing weekend with you guys! He was talking a mile a minute when we finally met up with him, and I had to tell him to chill, as he was talking so fast I could not make heads or tails of what he was saying! Thank you for giving my son a great memorable, and positive experience. He truly had a blast.
— Parent, 9-11 Mini Camp

When I asked my daughter what she would count as one of the highlights of her summer, she uttered, “Camp Uhaw!” without batting an eyelash. And indeed it was a wonderful and memorable experience for her having forged friendships she will treasure. The hugs, smiles and FB photos shared are testimonies to this. The reunion that followed thereafter was most welcome. I was actually more excited for her to see her newfound friends.

The semestral break mini camp is just 4 months away and she is already looking forward to this. She hopes to encourage friends in school and cousins to be a part of the camp experience as well.

Our heartfelt thanks to the camp staff who took care of all the kids. Your dedication, enthusiasm and fun-filled spirit are very much appreciated.
— Chet Quimson-Cabigas. Parent, 9-11 Mini Camp

Again, my heartfelt appreciation goes out to you and the CISV counsellors who took good care of my son Joey and niece Isabel. They had the best time! They are already telling us that they want to go this coming sem break.
— Portia Daya. Parent, 12-14 Mini Camp