We’ve gathered a few testimonials from CISV participants, parents, and volunteers. Here is what they have to say about their CISV experience.

From the Siao Family (Village Program):

“Thank you so much for all the hard work and coordination to make the playdays and camps of all our kids successful and very memorable! My son enjoyed himself very much and I hope he made some good lifelong friends.”

From Enzo Montano, a recent Seminar Camp Staffer:

“Being completely new to CISV, I approached the staffing position of the 2011 Seminar Camp quite apprehensively for various reasons. I didn’t know what place I would take in the scheme of things. Would I be a baby sitter, a chaperon, a Philippine tourism agent, or worse - an utusan (gofer). Well actually, I had to be a little bit of “all of the above”; but also so much more.

Being a staffer really just makes you another friend to the participants. Of course, I had extra duties and had my hands full on most days, but that comes with the territory. What was important for me was that I was able to help give these participants the camp that they needed and wanted. Because, really, it was my camp as well. Not just me, but the whole staff group as well. I bonded with the participants and the other staff just like any other participant. And also like them, I am proud to say that I have made strong bonds and have made a broader global network of friends in the process. And last but not the least, I had one hell of a good time doing it!"