Step Up

Step Up is fun
The Step Up (SU) Program, for teenagers aged either 14 or 15, prepares participants to take on more responsibility and leadership roles as young teens. Each camp focuses on a specific educational theme where participants work together to plan activities and discussions that build on the chosen theme. Adults play a supportive and supervisory role during the program to ensure that the camp’s educational goals are met. The first Step Up was held in 1985.

  • Age: 14 or 15
  • Duration: 21 Days
  • Size of group: Delegations come from 6 or 9 countries and are comprised of either 4 or 6 youths, equally divided between girls and boys, who are accompanied by an adult Leader (age 21+). The camp is coordinated by an adult staff.

Applications for the 2016 CISV QC Chapter Step Up delegation to Sweden for 14 year olds is now open.

For more information, download the 2016 Step Up Information Kit. The kit contains the following documents:

1. A briefer on CISV QC Chapter
2. CISV QC Chapter Guidelines and Policies
3. Step Up Participant Application Form
4. Step Up Consent Form and Fees

Contact Zak Yuson <> if you have any questions.