Peace Day 2011

Peace Day 2011 was held on September 24 2011 in the San Lorenzo Village Clubhouse. We decided to celebrate One Day One Dance with the rest of the JB world and incorporate it with Blue BBQ (an event where we basically all had to come in the color blue!)

First, we were taught by Ms. Katrina Luna about different dance movements and how we incorporate it into our daily lives. Next, we had a video presentation introducing the organizers of the event and the concept that through each of our individual talents, we can all make a difference in the world. Afterwards, we came up with a video like most other JBs for One Day One Dance!

Every JB in the world was challenged by JB Canada to make a dance video to the song, “Doris Allen” which is a remixed version of Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce. So we spent the day dancing around the San Lorenzo Park and putting everything together for our video.

This is the One Day One Dance video we came up with:

It was all great fun and we’re really proud with what we came up with! A fun Peace Day indeed!

This is the 2nd challenge QC has accepted! TO see the first one, check out the video below:

JB Mexico challenged JB Philippines and JB Hungary to a burger eating contest

and this was our response!

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