Reservation and Registration



Mini Camp for 9-11 year olds
April 27 to May 1
Fee: P10,000 per participant

Junior Counselors for the 9-11 Mini Camp
April 27 to May 1
Fee: P8,000 per participant

Mini Camp for 12-14 year olds
April 27 to May 1
Fee: P10,000 per participant

Kapihan – for 15-17 year olds
May 16 – May 22
Fee: P12,000 per participant

To ensure that all participants are able to maximise their Mini Camp experience to ensure the safety of everyone, we have a very limited number of slots per Mini Camp program. Parents who are interested to send their child must request for a slot first and upon receipt of an email confirmation pay and register online within the allotted time; Otherwise, slots will be released to those in the waitlist, if any. Please do not share payment instructions nor pay directly to the bank until you are prompted to do so.

IMPORTANT: Steps 2 and 3 must be completed within 24 hours upon receipt of confirmation

STEP 1: Request and Reserve for a slot

Send an email to with the following details:

- Child’s Name (Last Name, Given Name):
- Child’s Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) and Age:
- Program (9-11, 12-14, 14-17 Mini Camp, or JC for 9-11):
- Name of Parent (Limit to one):
- Parent’s Mobile Number (Limit to one):

STEP 2: Wait for an email confirming your slot;
The same email will contain the next steps on how to pay and what you need to do.
The fees includes the transportation, insurance, lodging, meals and materials
For 9-11 and 12-14 Sembreak Mini Camps, the last day of cancellation with full refund is on or before 18 April 2016. Beyond that date, no refund will be given.

Here’s a quick tip on how to approximate your child’s shirt size:
Please click here—> Shirt Size 101

STEP 3: Accomplish the Local Activity Consent Form.

Print, accomplish, sign and have the Local Activity Consent Form Notarized before sending your child off to camp.
Please click here—> Local Activity Consent Form

STEP 4: Off to Mini Camp!

When you drop-off your child for camp, please don’t forget to send the following:

  • Original, completely filled-up, signed and Notarized Local Activity Consent Form
  • P1,000 Tuck Shop money (in P50’s and P20’s) in an envelope properly labeled with your child’s name

We will be checking all of the above before allowing your child to board the bus;
Your child cannot go to Mini Camp without the Local Activity Consent Form.
Un-notarized Local Activity Consent Forms will not be accepted.

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Want to learn more about the upcoming Mini Camps?
What’s the theme, who are the Staffers, what to pack, where to meet? View our Infopack Section!

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IMPORTANT: Except in cases of real emergencies, participants are NOT allowed to leave camp for any reason;
Neither are participants allowed to be brought to camp by Parents/ Legal Guardians, particularly after camp begins.