JB Weekend 2015

Just turned 15? Missed last year’s JB weekend and heard how much fun it was? Worry not!The JB Weekend is back for its third run, and you’re definitely welcome to join.

JB WEEKEND 2015 – November 17-21, 2015 – Ages 15 and up

We both know that those days up there don’t add up to a weekend, so we wont try to hide that. Neither will we hide the possibility of you having the best 5 days of your life so far; we’ll let you decide that for yourself. Just remember, this isn’t the same mini-camp you’ve been attending the past few years.

Last year’s JB Weekend was a huge success, and just like last time, we’ll be focusing on how to become an active member of the JB through both participating in and planning activities.

Step 1: You ready to apply for your slot?

We have a limited number of slots available for this JB Weekend. Make sure to apply for yours well and early!

TO APPLY FOR A SLOT, please send an email to juniorbranch@gmail.com
with the following pieces of information:

- Name
- Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
- Your Mobile number
- How did you hear about JB Weekend?
- What made you want to apply for a slot this year?
(please be as honest and specific as possible (not too much bola please!))

Please also remember that this is an application and NOT a reservation. Thanks, and hope to hear from you! :D

Deadline for applications: October 16, 2015

Registration Fee and Venue: TBA