JB Race


ARE YOU READY FOR JB RACE 2015?? Registration is now open! PROCEED IF YOU DARE

What is it?

The JB Race is an annual event hosted by the QC Chapter Junior Branch. It is based off of the reality TV show, “The Amazing Race.” Teams of 5 members each compete to win by completing various mental and physical tasks at a number of stations spread out throughout the venue of the race.

What happens in it?

Teams are given the task of finding and completing the tasks in all the stations of the race. The teams find each station using their map and their clues. Each time a team completes a station, they will be scored depending on how well they did the task and then given a clue to find their next station.

The activities of each station are a mix of physical and mental tasks and they’re all based on the theme of the race.

A station in an Environment themed race could be that one team mate has to pick up scattered pieces of trash and segregate them into “paper”, “plastic”, etc. whilst blindfolded. The other team mates will coach the blindfolded member from afar.