Is CISV QC, the Mini Camp Team, the Mini Camp Staff and venue liable for any losses or damages?
- No. Do not bring unnecessary and items of value to camp. We will NOT be liable for any losses or damages.

Do I need to be from Quezon City to participate in CISV QC programs?
- No. The names of the various Chapters of CISV in the Philippines does not limit participation nor does it correspond to where you live. It is just a simple means to distinguish one Chapter from the other.

Why do I still need to reserve a slot?
- It is very important for us to maintain the quality of Mini Camps by observing the proper staff-to-participant ratio as well as to ensure that each participant has a space in the bus and at venue. Asking parents to reserve a slot before depositing the payment and registering their child is an good way for us to manage this.

What happens if I’m placed on the wait list?
- This means all Mini Camp slots are full. But, if someone cancels or does not pay by the deadline, we may open up slots for those in the wait list. We will inform you via email or sms if a slot is available.

Why are we only given two (2) days to complete the Registration Process (ie., payment and online registration)?
- This is to make sure that everyone is given a fair chance to reserve and consume a slot for Mini Camps. We have received several reservations in the past that only end up being cancelled; This means that those who were serious about a slot for their child ended up being declined.

What happens if my child has attended Village?
- The 9-11 Mini Camp program was designed as a pre-Village program which is why, only in this case will 11 year olds be placed in the 12-14 Mini Camp. We believe that after coming from Village, participants are now ready to tackle the challenges of the 12-14 program.

My child has already been to the 9-11 Mini Camp and is almost 12; Can I send my child to the 12-14 instead?
- Each of the programs have been designed with the age of the participants in mind and would be best to follow the prescribed age in order for your child to maximize their Mini Camp. Each Mini Camp run also follows differing themes and focus and will ensure that each Mini Camp will provide a different set of learnings and experience for your child.

Do I really need to have the Local Activity Consent Form notarized?
- Yes. Local Activity Consent Forms that are not notarized will NOT be accepted; This means that your child cannot board the bus nor join Mini Camp. Please ensure that the Local Activity Consent Form is notarized ahead of the departure date and that it is packed in your child’s bag to avoid any inconvenience.

What do I do if my child has special dietary needs or regular medication?
- The online Registration and Health Form has an allocation for special dietary requirements/ limitations and regular medications. If you feel that this is not sufficient and that it is very important for you to provide additional pieces of information, you may send a quick note to the Mini Camp Team via minicamp@qc.cisv.ph.

What happens in cases of emergency?
- For minor cases, we our Mini Camp staff will attend to your children; This is also why you should ensure that the Health Form is filled-up completely and correctly. For more serious cases, our Mini Camp staff will contact you through our Parent Liaison. Part of our protocol is to touch base with the nearest hospital/ health center to ensure that they are on-standby for any emergencies.

What do I do if I selected the wrong pick-up/ drop-off point?
- Don’t worry; we can amend this for you. Please send a quick note to the Mini Camp Team via minicamp@qc.cisv.ph.

Will there be separate rooms for boys and girls?
- Yes. Boys and girls will have separate rooms and bathrooms.

It’s my child’s first time to sleep away from home. Am I allowed to call my child in camp to make sure he/ she doesn’t get homesick?
- No. In most cases, homesickness is actually triggered when children are reminded of home; So, calling your kids in camp may actually do more harm than good. Mini Camps also give children a good sense of responsibility and a few days on their own will help develop this.

What happens if my child does get homesick?
- Don’t worry; It wouldn’t have been the first! Our Mini Camp staff are experienced and has received the proper briefing to handle cases of homesickness. On the bright side: In most cases, children that were homesick were the ones that misses camp the most!

I want to know how my child is doing; Who can I call?
- Please contact our Parent Liaison (insert link). The Parent Liaison is in constant communication with our Mini Camp staff and will be in a good position to address all your questions about your children during the camp. To ensure that they deliver the best Mini Camp experience for your child, we highly discourage contacting our Mini Camp staff directly.

How do I know which shirt size will fit my child?
- You may refer to our Shirt Size Guide; This is an effective tool to estimate your child’s shirt size. If still in doubt, best to get one size bigger and your child can easily grow into the shirt.

When will my child get the Mini Camp shirt?
- Mini Camp shirts will be distributed in camp usually on the day that they will have their camp photo taken; You can expect your child to bring this home with him/ her after camp.

How much money should I send my child?
- P1,000 Tuck Shop Money in P50’s and P100’s— Please place in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Please do not send more than this as they will not need it and we will not be responsible for any losses for money, nor any other expensive items, that was not submitted to us at the pick-up point. Please refer to the Infopack section for a complete list of things to pack for camp.

Are there reunions after Mini Camp?
- In certain cases, the children will set this up on their own and will usually take the form of meeting-up in malls, parks, etc.; Please be advised that these reunions may or may not have Mini Camp staffers present to oversee or ensure everyone’s safety. For official Mini Camp reunions, you will be notified or sent an invitation by the Mini Camp Team. When in doubt, you may send us a quick note via minicamp@qc.cisv.ph.

Do you have more questions? Write to us!