Bayanihan Village

What is the Bayanihan Village?

In 1997, CISV QC Chapter organized a Regional Cultural Village (RCV) in Subic, Zambales that brought together bright public elementary school students from all over the country.

The RCV is an educational program which aims to develop young leaders who have a deep understanding of human rights, peace, and justice. It also promotes the country’s rich cultural heritage and diversity.

Participants of the 1997 RCV graduate from the program with greater self-awareness and deeper understanding of what it means to be part of a Filipino community.

In 2014, the QC Chapter will once again organize a RCV and relaunch it as the Bayanihan Village 2016.

The CISV Bayanihan Village is a unique program because:

  • It is theme-based with specific educational goals
  • It promotes cultural heritage and identity
  • It instills pride in being a Filipino and in belonging to a larger community of Filipinos
  • It empowers adult leaders to craft the content of the program
  • It empowers the delegates to become self-aware young leaders
  • It teaches the participants about the values of cooperation, teamwork, respect, human rights, understanding, justice, and peace

Ways to help make the CISV Bayanihan Village a reality in 2016:

  1. DONATE to the Bayanihan Village general fund which will cover program expenses
  2. SPONSOR a delegation and send them to the Bayanihan Village
  3. VOLUNTEER your time and experience for the Bayanihan Village
  4. PROMOTE the Bayanihan Village program to your friends and family to help drum up more support
  5. ACT to make our world more just, green and peaceful for our children’s future

Contact us:
CISV Bayanihan Village Executive Team